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I have always been interested in making things out of wood, and have been fascinated by how versatile of a material wood is.  From objects as big as houses, all the way down to as small as a toothpick, as simple as a cutting board, to the intricate scroll work on a cuckoo clock, wood as building material surrounds us.  That's why in 2005 I started my own woodworking business building custom pieces as well as producing wood products and components for other local businesses. 

In 2015, while cutting up firewood, I decided to try to carve a bear, and have been hooked ever since.  That first bear didn't turn out very good, so I started a bit slower, carving pumpkins for the fall and trees for Christmas time.  Over that first winter, I carved as much as I could, learning with each attempt...a process that continues to this day.

Wyatt Harrison

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