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     Below are the PDF files of the care sheets I include with every carving, but here are some quick tips as well...

- Keep your carving off the ground. Leave a small gap between the base and the ground using small sticks or flat rocks to allow air flow

- Carvings rot from the bottom up, protecting the base is very important to its longevity

- Refinish every year with the appropriate finish….don’t forget to coat the bottom as well

- Do not place your carving in a damp location or where a lawn sprinkler will be spraying it often

- Avoid putting your carving where it will get all day sun...some shade is good.

- Spring and Fall is the best time to refinish if needed, and to check to make sure the base is still above the ground, clear away any debris around it, and to check for any bugs or mold.

- And the most important thing….put it where you will see it and can enjoy it.

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